I am an Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University where I teach all levels of Spanish language and literature, and conduct research on medieval Iberian Literature. I have been Head of the Department of Languages and Literatures since July, 2020. I joined the faculty in 2009.

My research engages theories of historical narrative and textual commentary to study the role of language and textual interpretation in the development of a hegemonic Castilian identity from the 13th to 15th centuries. I work primarily on Alfonso X’s General estoria, a history of the world compiled in the 1270s. I am currently writing a monograph tentatively entitled Writing Imperium: Narrative and Exegesis in the General estoria in which I explore the creation of a Latin, Christian, Vernacular identity for Castile and its newly conquered territories through the adaptation of Biblical and Ovidian material and their glosses and commentaries.

My teaching at OSU encompasses a full range of undergraduate classes in the Spanish program from first-semester Spanish to fourth-year seminars.

Dept. of Languages and Literatures
102 Gundersen Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078